You may also find our Terms of Service useful (we've tried to keep them short!)

  Short & Sweet FAQ's

What happens if I sell my vehicle?

If you sell your vehicle you should log in and cancel any outstanding reminders for that vehicle. This will ensure you don't receive alerts on the anniversary of your MOT or Tax renewal.

How many vehicles can I have on my profile?

We don't apply any restrictions on this. You are free to add as many vehicles as are in your household. We may restrict this in the future however.

How do you know so much about my vehicle?

We know lots because we query the national VOSA database to get information about your vehicle, previous MOT's and the status of your current MOT. We store some of this information to allow us to operate the service.

I've received an email telling me a garage has added a reminder for my vehicle. How?

We have Agents on our systems. An Agent could be an approved garage who use Vehicle Alerts to manage their customers MOT or Servicing anniversaries. This is a courtesy email to let you know we have your MOT details.

It's free? Where's the catch?

There isn't one. Honestly. Vehicle Alerts was born when I forgot to renew my MOT. After the initial mad panic to get my MOT to keep car on the road, I wrote a service called My MOT Date which has evolved in a very short time into Vehicle Alerts. If you're a motorist, you can use the service for free. If you're a garage owner, we have packages available to let you manage reminders for your customers and drive business back to you.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Vehicle Alerts is hosted on the world's biggest Cloud Provider. We use industry standards for encryption, hashing and TLS/SSL to ensure your data is not only stored securely but transmitted securely too. Our databases are backed up across the day and to be sure we can recover from any downtime, we test our backups regularly to be sure we can restore our database quickly and efficiently should we ever need to.

Do you have an App?

Nope! Not yet anyway. Everything you need to manage your reminders is available from If you have an Android phone, add Vehicle Alerts to your homescreen and see our amazing looking Progressive Web App.

Are you International?

We're still new. At the moment​ we're UK based only. If we continue to grow as we are and if the demand is there, we'll look at expanding our services to other countries to provide similar services there. We think they'll love it as much as the Brits!